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Why Use a Buyers Agent

Purchasing a property can be a very complicated process. It can take countless hours to search for the right property. Arranging viewings, researching the location, asking the important questions about each property and negotiating the purchase price are all time consuming aspects. Once the purchase has been agreed it can then take a further number of months to complete the transaction. All while liaising with the selling agent, mortgage advisors, solicitors and surveyors.

In todays modern world, time is very precious to people. Whether you have a busy work schedule or have a busy or active social and family life, not everyone has the opportunity to take time out of their lives to search for the property they require. Not only that, some people may even find purchasing a property a tiresome process and may not look for their next move because of the difficulty associated with buying a property.

A buyers agent will aim to streamline the house buying process for you and make it as simple and effortless as possible. The goal, will not only be to save you time, by completing all the necessary tasks involved with the buying process but also to save you money by negotiating a favourable purchase price on your behalf. With an independent buying agent, you won’t be restricted to searching properties with certain agents. Your buying agent will use their time and knowledge of the property market to source the right property for you by utilising multiple sources.

If you are considering purchasing your first property, looking to relocate or would like to invest in property but don’t have the time or knowledge then this is the service for you.

At Martin Property Consultants we are here to help with your property purchase, please get in contact to discuss your options